Boston Bruins vs Chicago Blackhawks

Boston Bruins vs Chicago Blackhawks

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Prediction: Over 5 (+134)

Key Points:

  • Bruins 5-4 to over on the road, Hawks 4-4-3 to over at home.
  • Intensity and hate is picking up resulting in more powerplay attempts.
  • Both goalies may have some doubt after last game, particularly Crawford.
So far this year’s Stanley Cup Finals have lived up to and exceeded expectations. The series opened with a triple overtime thriller and game four was even better as most people were very surprised to see 5 goals on each team’s scoreboard. With the way games two to four had gone most people (myself included) assumed it would continue on as a lower scoring series. Tuukka Rask was not to blame for many of the goals as the majority were tap ins for the Hawks due to very favorable bounces. Boston scored quite a few weak goals against Corey Crawford, all coming over his glove hand. It will be interesting to see if last games sub-par performance will effect Crawford in game five. Rask appears to be the more level-headed tender in the series so I’m not too concerned about him. Three of four games have gone to overtime so far and all but one was decided by one goal. It has been a back and forth as both teams have “stolen” a game on the road. Chicago lead three different times in game four but each time the Bruins rallied, twice from two goal deficits to tie the game. Eventually the Hawks won it on a Brent Seabrook blast from the point to knot up the series at 2 games a piece.

Home ice has been very important in the playoffs this year. So far in the finals it has not been of the utmost importance as both teams are 1-1 on the road. Throughout the playoffs the Hawks have been excellent on home ice posting a 10-2 record. The Bruins have been solid on the road as well checking in with a 6-3 road record. The emotion and intensity has been picking up as expected as we get deeper into this series. Special teams were not much of a factor in the first two games but games 3 and 4 featured 18 total PP attempts compared to just 11 in the first two games. Chicago finally scored their first powerplay goal of the series in game four. Rask and Crawford have been the top goaltenders in the playoffs so far. Rask has taken over top spot for save percentage and goals against average from Crawford though and has been slightly better than Crawford. Two games have gone over and two have gone under in this matchup so far. The Bruins are 5-4 to the over on the road in the post-season while the Hawks are 4-4-3 to the over on home ice.

If game four was any indication I think we may start seeing some overs in this series. Last game was crazy and although both teams would probably prefer lower scoring, clean games, the hatred is growing strong towards each other and the top players are beginning to elevate their games. I have to question Corey Crawford’s mental state after last game and the handful of weak goals he let in. Tuukka Rask was extremely unlucky in game four as it seemed Chicago had a number of gift-wrapped goals. Regardless the Hawks top players gained some confidence and now realize they can beat Rask. I think the advantage has shifted to the players from the goalies at this point. The total sits at 5 once again at a very nice +134. I think both teams continue their goal scoring and get at least a couple a piece for a push and hopefully a win. It should be yet another close match that has a very good chance of needing extra time.

Pick: Over 5 (+134)

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Boston Bruins vs Chicago Blackhawks, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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